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Adopt A Kid (for a day)

Support for “our” kids comes in many different forms.  Some individuals or families prefer to “adopt” a particular child to provide birthday, holiday or “just because” gifts.  If that is of interest to you, please email us at info@passion4kids.org to let us know of your desire and which child you wish to purchase gifts for.   Should you need a child’s “wish” list, we can provide that for you. 

If you prefer to make a financial contribution for a specific child, please make a notation of that on the donation form, and we will see to it that your gift is used in that way.

If you would like to present your gifts directly to the child you select, contact us to make arrangements.  Many families use this method as a teaching moment for their own children who help select and present the gifts for their “adoptee”.    

No matter which way you choose – the feeling of knowing you made a difference in the life of a child who is suffering will warm your heart all year long.



Sophie's birthday -  January 2 (6 years old)

Logan's birthday -  February 20 (12 years old)

Ashley's birthday - March 31 (16 years old)

Keirra's birthday -  April 15  (11 years old)

Izaiah’s birthday – April 17 (4 years old)

Kyle's birthday -  April 29 (7 years old)

Jaya's birthday -  May 26 (9 years old)

Caleb's birthday July 1 (14 years old)

Riley’s birthday  July 15  (7 months old)

Stormie's birthday November. 11, (9 years old)

Frankie’s birthday – December 22 (14 years old)