Volunteer children helping "our children".  What a great lesson!

Volunteer children helping “our children”. What a great lesson!

I usually start the day with a to-do list a mile long.  But I’ve learned to expect the unexpected when running a charity.  Today out of the blue the San Diego Union Tribune Newspaper contacted us and wants to do a feature on Passion 4 K.I.D.S. in their section of “Making A Difference”.  What an honor!  We are always grateful for the media interest and publicity to bring our charity to the attention of families that might need our assistance or generous people who may be willing to donate their time or resources to help us.   God has opened doors for us with the media that we never could have imagined.  We want to inspire others to live each day doing something for a child in need.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot – a cake, a pizza, an email, a text, a word of encouragement, a hug, a listening ear.  All of those are things our families tell us make the difference between them  just existing in their circumstances or having renewed energy to face another day of watching their precious child suffer. So often people don’t reach out to others because they think it adds a lot of time to their already over-crowded schedule or it requires financial resources they just don’t have.  But everyone can do something!  A small gesture can have just as much impact as a large one.  It isn’t about how much but just taking a moment to care about someone in need.

I always find it beneficial to try for a moment to put myself in the child’s or their parents’ shoes.  It is impossible to realize the depth to which our families suffer on so many levels – financial, emotional, psychological, physical because of a circumstance beyond their control.  So even the most difficult trial you think you can understand regarding our families doesn’t compare to the reality of their situation.  But it doesn’t take long for you to see that their situation is tragic at best and unfathomable at the worst. What would a stranger reaching out to encourage you mean if you were in this situation? Really think about it.  Anyone of us could find ourselves in similar situations at any moment.  So often people ask God why He allows little children to suffer the way many of “our” kids do and why He doesn’t do something about it.  His response is, “I did do something.  I created YOU to be my hands and feet.”