How great it was to be able to take 50 children in our charity to get two pairs of new shoes for school! Everyone arrived excited and chattering away. In an effort to make it even more special, the Famous Footwear store in Encinitas, CA opened an hour early to allow their little guests to have the store all to themselves.

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But as great as getting new shoes was, this day was about far more. Most of “our” kids who came stand out in their school for reasons beyond their control – a physical disability, a life-threatening illness, etc. Most of their families are in deep financial difficulty because of their child’s challenge and wouldn’t be able to afford new shoes or clothes for the start of the new school year so it was our desire to make sure each child blended in as much as possible with their classmates during those critical first days of the school year.

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Our hope was that these shoes would make them feel special, boost their self-esteem and let them know with each step they take that they are loved.

Your gifts make moments like this possible, and we are so grateful.

Making a difference for children in need,



Linda Van Kessler, Founder, Passion 4 K.I.D.S.


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