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Just keeping her little ones in diapers is almost beyond her ability each month.  Your donation will help keep her children fed, clothed and healthy.

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Meet Myesha

Myesha is a 7 year Navy veteran who finds herself in a position she never dreamed of – a single mom of 5 little ones (including 1-year-old triplets).  Her first husband and the father of her two oldest children was shot in the head and killed during a home invasion.  She found love again and became the proud mother of triplets.  However, several months before they were born, things turned violent in the home and Myesha had to flee to safety with her children. Once the triplets were born, Myesha and the children were forced to live in a huge room filled with other domestic violence victims, separated by only a curtain.

Refusing to accept this life for her family, Myesha found a job and moved her children to an apartment, barely making ends meet.  Without transportation, she has to take two buses to work daily each way.  She’s a great mom, hard worker and determined to one day become a paralegal.

Ways Passion 4 K.I.D.S. Has Made A Difference for Myesha

We surprised her with a van as she had no transportation
Brought clothes, food, diapers, toys
Provided Christmas gifts
Raised funds to assist in paying some bills