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Meet Dora

Dora was a perfectly healthy 7-year-old until she contracted a virus 6 months ago.  Due to lack of proper diagnosis and medication, she now remains permanently paralyzed from the neck down.  This sweet little girl communicates by blinking her eyes.

Her other 3 younger siblings currently live in Saipan and desperately need to be reunited with their mom and sister who will now remain in San Diego.  Although Dora is currently in Rady Children’s Hospital, there is nothing more they can do for her and she will be released as soon as her mom can raise enough funds to rent a small apartment. This family will need long-term assistance for rent, food, utilities and clothes.

Ways Passion 4 K.I.D.S. Made A Difference for Dora

Provided clothes, toys, books for Dora and her siblings
Brought food, water, snacks for her mom during Dora’s lengthy hospital stay
Arranged for a donated laptop so Dora’s mom could communicate with her other 3 small children
Brought Santa and gifts to visit Dora at Christmas
Arranged for volunteers to decorate Dora’s hospital room for Christmas
Made frequent hospital visits 
Became a source of comfort, love and support for Dora and her mom during Dora’s hospitalization and funeral service


Dora and her mom in the hospital

Dennis Metcalf, one of our amazing supporters, surprised Dora’s mom with a laptop so she can skype with her other 3 small children.  We are so blessed to have such generous friends

Santa, Charles and Linda and some of our awesome volunteers visiting Dora for Christmas