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Since Frankie’s dad is in prison and his mom makes less than minimum wage, Passion 4 K.I.D.S. is crucial to his well-being for basic necessities of life including food, clothes, shoes, school supplies, etc.

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Meet Frankie

Frankie is a shy, quiet 12 year old Hispanic boy. We first met Frankie when he was just 7 years old, moving every few months to live with various relatives. His dad was in prison and his mom was deported back to Mexico after various run-ins with the law for drug and anger issues. Our first outing with Frankie was to IHOP for breakfast and a visit to the park where we kicked a soccer ball around (Charles being a former junior soccer player in AJAX Amsterdam).

When we brought Frankie home that day, he threw his arms around us and said, “This has been the best day of my life!” From that moment on Frankie has been part of our family. His little brother, Michael then age 4, wanted so badly to be part of our weekly outings with Frankie that often we would drive away and find Michael hiding in the back of our van without any shoes on. As we tried to bring him back home and tell him this was Frankie’s day, his tears would just break our hearts so pretty soon there were 2 each week.

Soon after Frankie’s 3 young cousins asked if they could come with us – so now there were 5. We try very hard to teach Frankie and Michael manners, talk to them constantly about staying in school and doing well in school and challenge them to stay on the right path. Their older brothers have been in and out of juvenile hall, sometimes getting pulled out of the home by police right in front of the little brothers’ eyes.

Their neighborhood is rather rough and gangs are prevalent. They have changed schools several times just to try to stay safe. Frankie and Michael are great kids with huge potential if they have the support to keep them strong. We intend to be that support and strength for them. Funds raised will allow us to continue to spend quality time with them taking them on educational outings, making sure they get healthy food and have enough clothes.

Ways Passion 4 K.I.D.S. Has Made A Difference for Frankie

Serves as stabilizing force in his life showing him unconditional love
Takes him on educational and fun outings where he spends one on one quality time
Brings Christmas and birthday gifts
Donates food, clothes, books, school supplies


Fun times with Frankie, his brother and cousins

“MMA Champion Diego Sanchez teaches Frankie a few cool moves”