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Sophie still needs follow-up medical care for the foreseeable future and her family has to pay a percentage personally which is still very expensive.  We want to be able to help them with this unexpected and unplanned for financial burden.

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Meet Sophie

Sophie is a beautiful, inquisitive, and smart four-year-old, who dreamed of nothing more than growing up and riding horses and unicorns, until late August, when her future became immediately uncertain. On September 1, 2011, Sophie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ewings Sarcoma, a very deadly and aggressive form of pediatric bone cancer. This cancer is extremely rare, greater than one in a million, and even more rare in young girls. At the time of diagnosis, the cancer had already metastasized and spread to both lungs as well as other parts of her small body. It is impossible to comprehend the shock and horror that the family experienced. Before they could even process the news, Sophie began very aggressive treatment, including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. The initial roadmap for treatment was about 40 weeks long, including more than 15 aggressive rounds of chemotherapy and major surgery.

Her parents, both self employed, initially gave up both of their jobs in order to be with their daughter, provide the constant care she requires, and make certain she receives the best treatment possible. At the beginning of December, Sophie’s mom made the gut-wrenching decision to return to work full time for the County of Riverside in order to help cover the expenses associated with her daughter’s treatment, as Ewings Sarcoma specialists on both sides of the United States began overseeing and directing Sophie’s care.

Ted and Colleen, her loving parents, did anything and everything they could to fight for her precious young life with the support of many to allow them to focus on their daughter during this unimaginable time. Thanks to countless prayers, Sophie responded to the initial rounds of chemotherapy, but the battle was far from over. She underwent major surgery the week of Christmas at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, to remove several ribs as well as portions of her lungs, followed by additional rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

Despite suffering the terrible side effects of her treatment, Sophie continued to smile and light up the room. Her courageous spirit brought the community together and is certainly something we can all gain inspiration from. Passion 4 K.I.D.S. worked hard to spread Sophie’s horrific story throughout the community, encouraging everyone to keep this brave little girl and her family in their prayers, especially as her surgery date approached, and to donate any amount possible.

We are THRILLED to announce that as of June 1, 2012 Sophie has been declared “cancer free”! She and her mom, Colleen, even showed up to help with the extreme home makeover for baby Izaiah’s house! Sophie ran into Izaiah’s house stumbling over the construction materials and jumped into our arms shouting, “I’m cancer free!” Those are words that should never have to come out of a little child’s (or anyone’s) mouth. But we praise God for healing her.

Ways Passion 4 K.I.D.S. Made A Difference for Sophie

Handled all the funds raised and bookkeeping for the family
Brought Christmas and birthday gifts
Provided love and support to the family during their crisis


Sophie celebrates being cancer-free with a trip to the Disney Resort in Hawaii!

Sophie and her mom giving back by volunteering at the Baby Izaiah's Extreme Home Makeover