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Stormie needs basics in life – clothing, shoes, food.  We also think it is important to “spoil” her a little with some books, toys and dolls from time to time so she feels special.  Getting out in the world and experiencing new things is something Stormie needs to grow so we take her on educational and fun outings which mean the world to her.

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Meet Stormie

Stormie is a precious 9 year old whom we have been working with for 4 years. She is sweet and lovable with an amazing smile and laugh, but yet she seems to be appropriately named as her life has been extremely stormy. Stormie has been in and out of foster homes since age 1. Her home was filled with drugs, alcohol and violence. While riding in the car with us one day, she very casually starting chatting about her life. “My daddy came after my mommy and started hitting her so my mommy told me to run outside and hide. Then she yelled for me to get in the car and as we drove away my daddy started throwing rocks at our car. The police came, and we went to my grandma’s house where I started crying.” Another time she told us that her daddy tried to choke her sister’s boyfriend.

We have worked very hard in conjunction with Stormie’s foster mother to show her some stability in life. In her birth home, she had no routine in her day and would stay up all night watching tv and scream when she had to go to bed. She carried these traits into the foster home and school where she would throw herself on the floor screaming if the teacher tried to discipline her in any way.

After months of all of us working with her, Stormie is now a much happier little girl who is excelling in school. We have taught her manners and the importance of being truthful. Stormie loves to climb on our laps and cuddle. We make it a point to give her lots of hugs and tell her how much we love her. She knows we will always be in her life to take her out to the park or IHOP or Chuck E Cheese or bowling. Her biggest fear for a long time was if she was returned to her birth mother that we would no longer come to see her.

Stormie knows that we are there for her and always will be. We will remain a constant source of support in her life so she knows there is always someone she can count on.

Stormie’s needs remain great both physically and emotionally. She wears older, worn out clothes and has very few toys. Food is in short supply. We take her shopping for new shoes and clothes and occasionally “treat” her to a brand new doll or book as she is getting to be a good reader. Outings mean a lot to her as she has quality one on one time with us and gets to share what’s on her heart. Funds raised will help us to continue taking her places, opening up her world and making sure she has good meals and warm clothes.

Ways Passion 4 K.I.D.S. Has Made A Difference for Stormie

Provides unconditional love and stability to her turbulent young life
Buys her clothing, shoes, books, toys, dolls
Takes her on weekly educational and fun outings to experience the world
Teaches her manners, values and life lessons  
Makes sure she has Christmas and birthday gifts


Stormie showing off her new swimming “tricks”!


Having a fun shopping and IHOP outing.

We just love to see that smile